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Any person found in to be in violation of any of the resolutions of the Port of Pasco as adopted by this chapter regulating traffic and parking within the Tri-Cities Airport shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and for each such violation, shall be subject to a civil penalty in the amount listed, plus court costs and statutory assessments, if any:

(1) Parking Restrictions. Vehicles shall not be parked in areas within the Airport boundaries other than in places and in accordance with the restrictions and rules set forth herein and designated by posted signs indicating such areas and the applicable restrictions.

(2) Stopping, Standing and Parking Prohibited in Specific Places. There shall be designated by proper signs those roads within the Airport on which standing or parking would create hazardous conditions or cause a delay to traffic and when official signs are erected, no person shall stop, stand or park a motor vehicle in any such designated place.

(3) Passenger and Public Carrier Zones. There shall be designated locations for passenger loading zones and public carrier stands and there shall be appropriate signs indicating the same. No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle in a passenger loading zone other than for the expeditious loading or unloading of passengers or baggage. Vehicles shall not be left unattended in any passenger loading zone. No operator of a private vehicle shall stop, stand or park in a zone designated and posted by proper signs for public carriers or permittees.

(4) Parking Prohibited in Certain Areas. In the interest of minimizing congestion and affording patrons of the Airport convenient use of the terminal facilities, there shall be designated portions of the roadways in the vicinity of the Airport terminal and other terminal buildings on which parking shall be prohibited or limited to specified time periods. Such prohibitions and time limitations shall be clearly indicated by posted signs.

(5) Handicapped Parking. There shall be designated certain places within the boundaries of the Airport which may be specifically designated for parking by handicapped persons. Parking in areas so designated and posted by the Airport may be limited to those persons displaying a distinguishing decal as provided by RCW 46.61.581, as adopted or as hereafter amended.

(6) Parking Spaces Marked – Must Park in Stalls. The Airport is authorized to have lines or marking painted or placed upon the curb and/or upon the roadway adjacent to areas for the purpose of indicating the parking space, and each vehicle shall park within the lines or markings so established. It shall be a violation of this chapter to park any vehicle across any such line or marking, or to park such vehicle in such position that the same shall not be entirely within the area so designated by such lines or markings.

(7) Parking Time Limit – Maximum Parking Time.

(a) The time limit for parking on streets and parking lots and areas of the Airport property designated shall be as determined by the Port. A parking fee shall be paid by all persons parking a motor vehicle within any parking space in the areas designated as paid parking areas in the amount indicated by a sign or legend installed or posted. A sign or legend shall indicate the fee schedule and the time for which parking is permitted.

(b) The parking fees in the parking area shall be designated by the Port of Pasco.

(c) If said vehicle shall remain parked or standing in said parking space beyond the legal time which shall be designated by a sign or signs posted showing limited parking, such vehicle shall be considered parked overtime. The parking of a vehicle overtime shall be a violation of this chapter and subject the registered owner and/or operator to a penalty as provided herein.

(8) Overtime Parking. It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to cause, allow, permit or suffer any vehicle registered in the name of such person to be parked overtime or beyond the period of legal parking time established for any parking space or area.

(9) Registered Owner Responsible for Unlawful Parking. Every person in whose name a vehicle is registered shall be responsible for any violation of this chapter caused by the parking, standing or stopping of said vehicle in violation hereof. It shall be no defense that the vehicle was parked, stopped or left unattended or standing by another, unless proof is presented that said vehicle had been stolen and had not been returned to the registered owner by the date of the violation. This section shall not apply to registered owners transferring the vehicle ownership who have complied with RCW 46.52.104, as now or hereafter amended, prior to the date of the violation.

(10) Parking. There shall be designated certain places within the boundaries of the Airport which may be specifically designated for parking by employees of the Port, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Port’s tenants. Parking in areas so designated and posted by the Airport may be limited to those persons displaying a distinguishing decal as provided by the Port of Pasco, or a decal placed on the vehicle by the car rental agency renting from the Port of Pasco.

(11) Unless otherwise stated by class or amount, the violations of this chapter shall constitute a class 1 civil infraction subject to a maximum penalty of $40.00.

(12) Other Infractions. The Port of Pasco hereby adopts and incorporates herein, as is set forth in full herein, the traffic ordinances of the City as set forth in PMC Title 10 as the same presently are and as subsequently amended, including its adoption of the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance (Chapter 10.10 PMC).

(13) Violations Not Criminal Offense. Failure to perform any rule or regulation, or the performance of any of the acts prohibited by this chapter shall be designated as a traffic infraction and may not be classified as a criminal offense unless so classified by the Revised Code of Washington.

(14) The failure to respond to any citation for violation of any of the above sections within 15 days shall result in an additional monetary penalty of $25.00.

(15) Each day that a violation continues or each time that a violation continues past a parking limitation period or portion thereof in excess of the applicable parking time limitation, it shall be deemed a separate violation subject to the maximum civil penalty as set forth above.

(16) Court costs of $10.00 shall be assessed in addition to any other penalty, cost or statutory assessment imposed when a violation under this chapter has been found to have been committed following a contested hearing. [Ord. 4199, 2014; Code 1970 § 10.90.020.]