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(1) Residential sidewalks shall be five feet in width, inclusive of the curb.

(2) Commercial sidewalks shall be seven feet in width, inclusive of the curb. Where a commercial sidewalk is offset from the curb by a landscaped planting strip of three feet or more, a commercial sidewalk may be five feet in width. The Public Works Director or designee is authorized to permit the construction of commercial sidewalks at variance with the seven-foot standard, but in no case less than five feet, under the following circumstances:

(a) Where existing conditions may make it impracticable;

(b) Where there is insufficient right-of-way;

(c) Where surrounding land uses may require an altered standard. [Ord. 3861, 2008; Ord. 1372 § 8, 1969; Code 1970 § 12.04.060.]