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Existing driveways that do not conform to the standards of this chapter or other standards or regulations of the City of Pasco must be brought into conformance when a permit is issued for work on the affected property, where said work exceeds 33 percent of the assessed value of the improvements upon the property. Permit applications for any alterations or repair to nonconforming driveways other than ordinary maintenance will require the driveway to be brought into conformance with current standards; notwithstanding, the Public Works Director may permit the modification or improvement of an existing driveway without full compliance with city standards where the strict application of the standard would result in substantial hardship to the property owner pursuant to the review criteria of PMC 25.195.020(1); provided, however, that the modification or improvement does not impede the movement of traffic or increase hazards to pedestrians or motorists. The decision of the Public Works Director is final unless appealed to the Hearing Examiner in writing and stating the reasons therefor within 14 days of the Director’s decision. [Ord. 3861, 2008; Code 1970 § 12.04.120.]