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Whenever the Public Works Director deems it necessary to close any such street, alley, or public way, or limit the traffic thereon, as provided in PMC 12.28.010, he shall erect thereon suitable barriers indicating the part or parts of such streets, alleys, or public ways as are affected, together with a sign or signs, sufficient in number and character, to give reasonable notice to the public that such street, alley, or public way is closed or traffic thereon restricted, and shall cause to be placed at the entrance or approach to any part of the street, alley, or public way so temporarily closed, and maintain thereon at all hours between dark and daylight sufficient number of red lights or beacons, to give warning to the public of the condition of such street, alley, or public way. [Code 1970 § 12.28.020; Code 1954 § 9-3.08.]