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(1) On passage of the resolution provided in PMC 12.40.040, the City shall give notice at least 20 days before the public hearing of the time, date and place for the public hearing.

(2) Content. The public notice shall contain the following information:

(a) A statement that a request to vacate the street, alley, or access easement will be considered by the City Council;

(b) A statement of the date, time, and place of the public hearing before the City Council;

(c) A location description along with a vicinity map that identifies the street, alley, or access easement proposed to be vacated; and

(d) A statement of the right of any person to submit written comments to the City Council prior to or at the public hearing, and to appear before the City Council at the hearing to give testimony.

(3) Distribution of Notice. Distribution of the public notice shall be as follows:

(a) A copy will be sent, by mail, to the abutting owner of each parcel of real property at the address designated on the official records of Franklin County.

(b) To the owners of each parcel of real property within 300 feet of any boundary of the street, alley, or public access easement to be vacated unless the street or alley is unimproved and has previously been determined by Council not to be needed as a street or alley.

(c) A copy of the notice will be published in the official newspaper of the City.

(d) A copy of the notice will be posted in three public places in the City and posted in a conspicuous place on the street or alley sought to be vacated. [Ord. 4290 § 1, 2016; Code 1970 § 12.40.050.]