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The Public Works Division will exercise reasonable diligence and care to furnish and deliver a continuous supply of pure water to the customer, and to avoid any shortage or interruption of delivery of same, except where in the past, supply lines have been installed in subdivisions by subdividers that do not meet a standard set up by the American Water Works Association for water main installation. The Public Works Division will not be liable for high or low pressure conditions, chemical or bacteriological conditions, interruptions, or shortage or insufficiency of supply, or loss or damage occasioned thereby. The use of water upon the premises of the customer is at the risk of the customer, and the responsibility of the Public Works Division shall cease at the point of delivery of water. In cases where the Public Works Division has installed service as provided for in PMC 13.45.010 and 13.45.050, the point of delivery shall be at the meter itself. [Ord. 962 Art. VIII, § 104, 1959; Code 1970 § 13.32.040; Code 1954 § 4-3.176.]