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As a condition of permitting the extension of City water main lines beyond the City limits for the purpose of division or development of real property for residential use not served by an existing irrigation water provider, the property owner or developer of such property shall provide such necessary easements, as approved by the Director of Public Works, or his designee, for the location of irrigation service components, and install irrigation service main lines to provide the availability of irrigation water to each lot to be created by the division or subdivision of land or benefited by the extension of the City water mains prior to the approval of any application for a new water service connection to the property.

In the event the irrigation water services are not available for connection to the irrigation lines required above, such lines shall be tested, sealed, and buried with the ends clearly marked to facilitate their connection when irrigation water services are available. [Ord. 4160, 2014; Code 1970 § 13.36.075.]