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Before issuance of a City building permit and commencement of construction of a private sewage disposal system, the owner shall first obtain a waiver from the City and obtain a permit signed by an authorized employee of the Benton-Franklin Health Department. The City permit shall not be issued until:

(1) The plans, specifications and other information have been reviewed by the Benton-Franklin Health Department and the Building Inspector and found to be satisfactory from a technical and public health standpoint and to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. The City shall not issue a building permit for any structure served by a private disposal system until the Building Inspector is supplied with a copy of the waiver and permit indicating the Health Department’s approval of the private sewer disposal system design.

(2) The system shall be designed to allow for the future connection to a City sanitary sewer pipeline. [Ord. 3702 § 2, 2004; Code 1970 § 13A.52.070.]