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Grease traps other then those required in PMC Title 16 shall be installed by users as required by the Director. Grease traps shall be installed at the user’s expense, when such user creates large amounts of FOG, operates a cooking establishment (e.g., restaurant, eateries). Additional grease traps may be required to be installed at the owner’s expense in other commercial (i.e., apartments) or industrial establishments when they are deemed necessary by the Director for the proper handling of FOG or liquid wastes containing grease. All grease traps shall be of a type, design, and capacity approved by the Director and shall be readily and easily accessible for cleaning and inspection. If any overflow or failure of the sanitary sewer collection system to convey sewage which can be attributed in part or in whole to an accumulation of grease in the City’s sewer main(s), the City of Pasco will take appropriate enforcement actions under this chapter, against the generator or contributor of such grease. [Ord. 3702 § 2, 2004; Code 1970 § 13A.52.240.]