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Where installed, all grease, oil and sand traps shall be maintained by the owner, at his expense, in continuously efficient operation at all times and subject to inspection as required in PMC Title 16 or by the Director. In the event the owner fails to properly maintain the grease trap, which in the opinion of the Director causes clogging of the sewer lines and/or pump stations, the cost of the City, time and material, in cleaning the sewer lines and/or pump stations shall be charged to the owner of the grease trap. For the purpose of this section, the owner shall be the person, firm or corporation named on the sewer account. Any costs not paid by the owner within 30 days from the date of the billing shall be added to and become part of the sewer bill and shall become a lien against the real property. [Ord. 3702 § 2, 2004; Code 1970 § 13A.52.250.]