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The following categories of nonstormwater discharges are allowable and shall not require discharge approval:

(1) Diverted stream flows.

(2) Rising groundwaters.

(3) Uncontaminated groundwater infiltration (as defined at 40 CFR 35.2005(b)(20)).

(4) Uncontaminated pumped groundwater.

(5) Foundation drains.

(6) Air conditioning condensation.

(7) Irrigation water from agricultural sources that is commingled with urban stormwater.

(8) Springs.

(9) Uncontaminated water from crawl space pumps.

(10) Footing drains.

(11) Flows from riparian habitats and wetlands.

(12) Discharges from emergency firefighting activities.

(13) Nonstormwater discharges authorized by another NPDES permit or state waste discharge permit. [Ord. 4640 § 2, 2023; Ord. 3935, 2009; Code 1970 § 13.60.160.]