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For the purpose of this chapter, certain terms or words herein shall be interpreted or defined as set forth in Chapter 13.05 PMC, or as follows: Except where specifically defined in this chapter or in Chapter 13.05 PMC, all words in this chapter shall carry the customary meanings. Words used in the present tense include the future and the future includes the present and the plural includes the singular and the singular includes the plural.

“Developed parcel” means any parcel altered from the natural state by the construction, creation, or addition of impervious surfaces.

“Director” means the Director of the Department of Public Works or the Director’s designee.

“Industrial/commercial property” means any parcel used by a person not defined as apartment, residence or undeveloped parcel.

“Irrigation unit” shall mean 5,000 square feet of lot size or increment thereof for single-family residential properties, or 5,000 irrigated square feet of area or increment thereof for properties not used for single-family residential purposes.

“Maintenance” means the act or process of cleaning, repairing or preserving a system, unit, facility, structure, or piece of equipment.

“Parcel” means the smallest separately segregated unit or plot of land having an identified owner, boundaries, and surface area which is documented for property tax purposes and given a tax lot number by the Franklin County Assessor.

“Property owner of record” means a person or persons shown in the records of the County Assessor to be the owner of property and to whom property tax statements are directed.

“Rate category” means the classification in this chapter given to a parcel in the service area based upon the type of land use on the parcel and/or the surface area (in acres) of the parcel or other factors affecting irrigation water use.

“Rates” means the dollar amount charged per unit or other basis set in the rate category.

“Service charges” means charges to property owners for irrigation water management services.

“Single-family residence” means a building or structure or portion thereof designed for and used to provide a place of abode for human beings. The term “residence” includes the term “residential” or “residential unit” as referring to the type of or intended use of a building or structure.

“Undeveloped parcel” means any parcel that has not been altered from its natural state by the construction, creation, or addition of impervious surface(s).

“Utility” means the irrigation water utility created under the provisions of this chapter.

“Vacant building” means any unoccupied building or structure or portion thereof designed for and intended to be used by a person.

“Waste of water” means excess of water use or allowing water to run off of a property and on to adjacent properties or rights-of-way. [Ord. 3679 § 1, 2004; Ord. 3607 § 1, 2003; Code 1970 § 13.61.040.]