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(1) Before award of a public works contract, a bidder must meet the following responsibility criteria to be considered a responsible bidder eligible to be awarded a public works contract. The bidder must:

(a) At the time of the bid submittal, have a certificate of contractor registration in compliance with Chapter 18.27 RCW.

(b) Have a current state unified business identifier number.

(c) If applicable, have industrial insurance coverage for the bidder’s employees working in Washington as required by RCW Title 51; an employment security department number as required by RCW Title 50; and a state excise tax registration number as required by RCW Title 82.

(d) Not be disqualified from bidding on any public works contract under RCW 39.06.010 or 39.12.065(3).

(2) Upon determination by the Public Works Director that unique or specialized skills are necessary for the construction of a public works project in compliance with the specifications and standards for such project as adopted by the City, additional supplemental bidding criteria may be required for determination of a responsible bidder for that project. Such supplemental criteria shall:

(a) Demonstrate successful experience of at least two public works projects of the same nature and cost within the prior five years.

(b) Demonstrate successful completion of a public works project of the same nature and character of the proposed project including, but not limited, to similar size and quantities, occupancy, staged-construction, continued use or accessibility during construction, or specialized construction techniques or processes.

(c) Demonstrate sufficient financial capacity to fulfill the contract.

(3) Supplemental criteria, the basis for evaluation, and appeal periods shall be provided in the invitation to bid or bidding documents.

If the bidder fails to supply information requested for determining responsibility within the time and manner specified in the bid documents, the City may base its determination of responsibility upon any available information related to the supplemental criteria, or may find the bidder not responsible.

(4) In the event the City determines the bidder not to be responsible, the City must provide in writing the reasons for the determination and provide the bidder an administrative appeal of the determination within the period specified within the bidding documents. [Ord. 3973, 2010; Ord. 3885, 2008; Code 1970 § 14.10.010.]