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(1) Persons Operating Without a Franchise. The operator of any cable communications system facility installed as of the effective date of this chapter, for which a franchise is required under this chapter, shall have three months from the effective date of this chapter to file one or more applications for a franchise. Any operator timely filing such an application under this subsection shall not be subject to a penalty for failure to have such a franchise so long as said application remains pending; provided, however, nothing herein shall relieve any cable communications system operator of any liability for its failure to obtain any permit or other authorization required under other provisions of the City Code, and nothing herein shall prevent the City from requiring removal of any facilities installed in violation of the City Code.

(2) Persons Holding Franchises. Any person holding an existing franchise for a cable communications system may continue to operate under its existing franchise to the conclusion of its present term (but not any renewal or extension thereof) with respect to those activities expressly authorized by the franchise; provided, that such person shall be subject to the other provisions of this chapter to the extent permitted by law.

(3) Persons with Pending Applications. Pending applications shall be subject to this chapter. A person with a pending application shall have 30 days from the effective date of this chapter to submit additional information to comply with the requirements of this chapter governing applications. [Ord. 4298 § 4, 2016; Code 1970 § 15.95.300.]