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16.25.130 Required plans and specifications for gas distribution system.
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The gas company shall file in quintuplet, on forms supplied by the City Engineer (one copy of permit form with approval endorsed thereon is to be returned to the gas company), with the City detailed plans, plat or plats, detailed specifications (other than those set forth in the rules and regulations of the Public Service Commission), and profiles of such size and as such scale as prescribed by the City, of gas pipes or mains and fixtures to be laid or installed underneath public properties which shall show the centerline of the street or alley and in relation thereto, the position, location, and depth of the distribution system, the pipes or mains intended to be laid, the size of pipes or mains, the location of the manholes leading to the pipes or mains and the depth of the pipes or mains from the surface, and such other information as he may require. The gas company, its successors and assign, shall amend the plans, plat or plats, specifications, and profiles as directed by the City before the City issues the permit and before the gas company commences construction or the laying of the pipes or mains. The gas company shall advise the City Engineer in writing of the plan of the excavation, obstruction, or other thing desired to be done or constructed, the size thereof, the purpose therefor, the public properties to be excavated and/or obstructed, together with a full description of the nature of such work and the name of the person, firm, or corporation doing the actual excavating work and the name of the person, firm, or corporation for whom or which the work is being done. Whenever additional improvements or extensions are made, additional plans, plat or plats, specifications, and profiles shall be filed with the City in the same manner as required above. The applications shall contain an agreement that the applicant will comply with all ordinances and laws relating to the work to be done, and that no openings shall be made until necessary fittings and material are available and on hand to complete the work.

Each application for a permit shall state the length of time it is estimated will elapse from the commencement of the work until the restoration of the surface of the ground, or until the refill is made ready for the pavement to be put on by the gas limitation unless permission for an extension of time is granted by the City Engineer. If an extension of time is needed to complete the work beyond the time originally prescribed, a new application for a permit must be filed, and when the application therefor is signed by the City Engineer, it shall constitute the permit; provided, that the bond and insurance are extended for the period of the extension granted. [Ord. 1503 § 21, 1971; Code 1970 § 16.12.210.]