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It is the duty and responsibility of the attendant or person in charge together with the licensee to:

(1) Keep at all times a register of occupants showing:

(a) Names and addresses;

(b) Date of construction or arrival and removal or departure;

(2) Notify park occupants of all applicable provisions of the regulations and inform the occupants of their responsibilities;

(3) Supervise the construction, placement and removal of each home on its site, and shall in particular be responsible for the connection of homes to sewer and water connections;

(4) See that the provisions of this title are complied with and enforced and report promptly to the proper authorities any violations of this title or any other violations of ordinances or laws which may come to his attention;

(5) Prevent the running loose of dogs, cats or other animals or pets belonging to residents of the park;

(6) Maintain the park in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition at all times and prevent the accumulation of combustible materials, equipment or weeds adjacent to or under a home;

(7) Refuse the rental of space to homes which are dilapidated or are a fire or health menace;

(8) Maintain in designated places fire extinguishers approved by the Fire Department;

(9) Prohibit the use of any home by a greater number of occupants than permitted by the City Building Department and/or County Health Department;

(10) Prohibit the parking or placement of any factory home so that it will obstruct a walkway or roadway;

(11) Prohibit the parking or placement of an occupied home in a park when a site is not available. [Ord. 3731 § 28, 2005; Ord. 3300 § 6, 1998; Ord. 3209 § 5, 1997; Ord. 1843 § 6, 1977; Code 1970 § 19.20.020.]