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The Mayor, or in the Mayor’s absence the Mayor Pro Tem, shall be the presiding officer. In the absence of both the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem, the City Council may select a temporary presiding officer. The meeting shall be called to order by the City Clerk for the selection of a temporary presiding officer to chair the meeting.

It shall be the duty of the presiding officer to:

(1) Call the meeting to order when it has not already been called to order.

(2) Keep the meeting to its order of business.

(3) Control discussion in an orderly manner:

(a) Giving every councilmember, who so wishes, an opportunity to speak;

(b) Permitting audience participation at appropriate times within the order of business;

(c) Requiring all speakers to speak to the question and to observe the rules of order. [Ord. 4643 § 1, 2023.]