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(1) To the extent consistent with applicable state law, Councilmembers may attend and participate in a Council meeting (business, workshop, special meeting) remotely (“remote attendance”) utilizing City-approved virtual platform. Any Councilmember intending to utilize remote attendance for a meeting shall provide ample notice prior to the scheduled meeting of such intent to the Mayor and/or City Manager to allow time for staff to set up the required equipment prior to the specified meeting. The use of virtual platform equipment shall allow Councilmember(s) to fully participate in the meeting, allow the official minute recording staff person to observe all activity, allow the recording system to capture, in open session, all activity and discussion, and allow the Councilmembers and the public to adequately see and hear the meeting proceedings including all discussion, comments, and any voting by the Councilmember attending remotely.

(2) During any meeting a Councilmember is in remote attendance, the Mayor or presiding officer shall state for the record that a particular Councilmember is attending with remote attendance.

(3) Any Councilmember utilizing remote attendance shall bear the risk that the virtual platform being used to effectuate the remote attendance may malfunction or otherwise fail to operate properly in a manner which effectively prevents the Councilmember’s attendance and participation at the meeting. Except to the extent necessary to ensure a quorum, no such malfunction or operational failure shall require the adjournment, continuation or cancellation of any Council meeting, or the postponement of any Council vote; provided, that the City Council may in its sole discretion vote to adjourn, continue or cancel a meeting, or postpone a Council vote, as deemed appropriate to respond to a malfunction or operational failure of the virtual platform.

(4) Councilmembers utilizing remote attendance are responsible for ensuring adequate connectivity is available at the physical location they are participating from and are solely responsible for the cost of such connectivity.

(5) Councilmembers should immediately report any technical difficulties with assigned equipment to designated staff prior to or during the meeting in order to resolve any problems prior to the scheduled meeting.

(6) In the case of executive sessions, the Council may permit participation from remote location(s) only when the Council is confident in the security of such remote communications.

(7) When one or more Councilmembers are attending remotely, at the discretion of the presiding officer, a roll call vote for all motions will be enacted during the meeting so that the remote Council attendee may be heard clearly. [Ord. 4643 § 1, 2023.]