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The Arts and Culture Commission shall perform the following functions:

(1) Serve as the central commission to whom individuals and groups may bring their ideas with regard to arts and culture.

(2) Advise City Council on code recommendations to enhance art and culture.

(3) Establish policy for acquiring, maintaining, displaying/placement, and maintenance of City’s public art.

(4) Advise City staff on the receipt of and/or purchase of artwork to be placed on municipal property.

(5) Explore and recommend methods of obtaining financial support through development of private, local, state and federal funds and establishing public/private partnerships to promote art and culture within the community. Commission shall not incur any indebtedness on behalf of City.

(6) Initiate and maintain the City of Pasco Public Art roster.

(7) Establish standards related to art and culture programs and serve as review panel for program applications.

(8) Participate in, promote and conduct public information and educational programs pertaining to public art and culture.

(9) Perform other related functions assigned to the Commission by the Pasco City Council or the City Manager.

(10) Act as a catalyst to bring government, arts and culture, and private sectors together for public benefit. [Ord. 4472 § 1, 2019.]