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The City Manager, subject to confirmation by the City Council, shall secure legal counsel for the City by appointment of such full-time, part-time, and/or contractual professional services as best serve the interests of the City.

(1) Council Meetings Ordinances. The City Attorney shall attend all regular or constituted meetings of the City Council, at which attendance may be required, advise the Council on all matters requested and draft the requested ordinances.

(2) Council Committee Meetings. When requested by a Council committee chairman, the City Attorney shall attend Council committee meetings.

(3) Planning Commission Advisor. The City Attorney shall be available and provide legal assistance to the Planning Commission.

(4) Legal Business. The City Attorney shall attend to all legal business of the City.

(5) Legal Opinions. The City Attorney shall furnish written legal opinions to all City officials in regard to City business when requested to do so in writing. [Ord. 3545 § 4, 2002; Code 1970 § 2.08.010; Code 1954 § 5.04.]