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2.30.010 Duties.
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The duties of the Director of Finance shall include those provided herein.

(1) Receive Funds. Receive and safely keep all money which comes into his hands as directed by the City Manager. Issue triplicate receipts for all collections made by him and deliver one to the person making payment, one to the City Clerk, and keep one in his records. He shall receive all money due to City and disburse it on checks issued and countersigned by the City Manager, and not otherwise.

(2) Keep Records of Checks. Keep a record of all checks issued.

(3) Call and Pay Bonds. Call and pay all bonds or bond coupons in their numerical order whenever funds are available for this purpose and cancel the same when paid.

(4) Make Monthly Statements of Business of His Office. Make monthly statements of the business of his office and deliver same to the City Manager.

(5) Account of Expenditures. The Director of Finance shall keep an accurate account in a suitable book under the appropriate headings of all expenditures.

(6) Other Duties Required by Law. The Director of Finance shall perform all the duties which are now or may at any future time be required by the laws of the State of Washington or the ordinances of the City. [Ord. 4334, 2017; Ord. 3545 § 12, 2002; Code 1970 § 2.12.010; Code 1954 § 1-5.12.]