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(1) Whenever a civil emergency, or the imminent threat thereof, occurs in the City and results in, or threatens to result in the death or injury of persons or the destruction of or damage to property to such extent as to require, in the judgment of the Mayor, extraordinary measures to protect the public peace, safety and welfare, the Mayor shall forthwith proclaim in writing the existence of a civil emergency. In the absence of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem may declare a civil emergency and issue orders, and in the absence of the Mayor Pro Tem, the City Manager may declare a civil emergency and issue orders. The authority granted to the Mayor in this chapter is in addition to and not in limitation of other policies allowing the Mayor to declare an emergency and take action necessary to deal with such emergency. For the purposes of this chapter a civil emergency shall mean:

(a) A riot, unlawful assembly, insurrection, enemy attack, sabotage, or other hostile action; or

(b) A natural or human-caused disaster, including fire, flood, storm, explosion, earthquake, volcanic disturbance or other natural cause; or

(c) Any emergency or disaster as defined by RCW 38.52.010.

(2) Proclamations of civil emergencies issued by the Mayor shall as soon as practicable be filed with the City Clerk and presented to the City Council for ratification and confirmation, modification or rejection. Proclamations which are rejected shall, after vote, be void. Proclamations shall be considered in full force and effect until the City Council shall act. [Code 1970 § 2.05.010.]