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(1) Before entering into their respective duties, the following City officials shall each execute a bond to the City conditioned for the honest and faithful performance of their duties (including the same bond, the duties of all ex officio offices occupied by that official) in the following penal sums:

Director of Finance


City Manager


Chief of Police


City Clerk


(2) The official bonds provided above shall be issued by an authorized surety insurer pursuant to RCW 48.28.010, or an authorized surety insurer as a surplus line pursuant to Chapter 48.15 RCW, or surety provisions in the above amounts provided as a part of all risk insurance.

(3) The fees for the bonds or insurance premiums set forth above shall be paid by the City. [Ord. 4334, 2017; Ord. 4136, 2013; Ord. 3545 § 15, 2002; Code 1970 § 2.16.030.]