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(1) The Franklin County Assessor forwards the application(s) to the Commission.

(2) The Commission reviews the application(s), consistent with its bylaws of procedure, and determines if the application(s) are complete and if the properties meet the criteria set forth in WAC 254-20-070(1) and listed in PMC 20.30.030.

(a) If the Commission finds the properties meet all the criteria, then, on behalf of the City of Pasco, it enters into an historic preservation special valuation agreement (set forth in WAC 254-20-120 and in Chapter 20.35 PMC) with the owner. Upon execution of the agreement between the owner and Commission, the Commission approves the application(s).

(b) If the Commission determines the properties do not meet all the criteria, then it shall deny the application(s).

(3) The Commission certifies its decisions in writing and states the facts upon which the approvals or denials are based and files copies of the certifications with the Franklin County Assessor.

(4) For approved applications:

(a) The Commission forwards copies of the agreements, applications, and supporting documentation (as required by WAC 254-20-090(4) and identified in PMC 20.30.020) to the Franklin County Assessor,

(b) Notifies the State Review Board that the properties have been approved for special valuation, and

(c) Monitors the properties for continued compliance with the agreements throughout the 10-year special valuation period.

(5) The Commission determines, in a manner consistent with its bylaws of procedure, whether or not properties are disqualified from special valuation either because of:

(a) The owner’s failure to comply with the terms of the agreement, or

(b) Because of a loss of historic value resulting from physical changes to the building or site.

(6) For disqualified properties, in the event that the Commission concludes that a property is no longer qualified for special valuation, the Commission shall notify the owner, assessor, and State Review Board in writing and state the facts supporting its findings. [Ord. 4178 § 1, 2014; Ord. 3785 § 1, 2006; Code 1970 § 27.080.020.]