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In its review the Commission shall determine if the properties meet all the following criteria:

(1) The property is historic property;

(2) The property is included within a class of historic property determined eligible for special valuation by the City of Pasco under PMC 20.25.020;

(3) The property has been rehabilitated at a cost which meets the definition set forth in RCW 84.26.020(2) (and identified in PMC 20.05.020) within 24 months prior to the date of application; and the property has not been altered in any way which adversely affects those elements which qualify it as historically significant as determined by applying the Washington State Advisory Council’s Standards for the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Historic Properties (WAC 254-20-100(1). [Ord. 4178 § 1, 2014; Ord. 3785 § 1, 2006; Code 1970 § 27.090.030.]