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“Alley” means a dedicated narrow service way, not more than 20 feet wide, providing a secondary means of public access to abutting properties.

“Binding site plan” means a drawing to scale utilized for the purposes of creating lots for selling, leasing, or otherwise transferring property rights from one person, firm, or corporation to another. A binding site plan:

(a) Identifies and shows the areas and locations of all streets, roads, improvements, parcels, utilities, open spaces, and other information as may be required by this title;

(b) Contains inscriptions or attachments setting forth such appropriate limitations and conditions for the use of land as specified by this title; and

(c) Contains provisions making any development be in conformity with the site plan for all such land.

“Block” means a group of lots, tracts, or parcels within a well-defined and fixed boundary.

“Boundary line adjustment” means the relocation of the boundaries between two or more lots, which relocation does not result in the creation of any additional lot or lots.

“Comprehensive Plan” means the current Comprehensive Plan for the City, adopted by the City Council pursuant to state law.

“Cul-de-sac” means a road closed at one end by a circular area of sufficient size for turning vehicles around.

“Dedication” means the deliberate conveyance of land by an owner or owners to the City of Pasco, for any general and public uses, reserving to the owner or owners no other rights than such as are compatible with the full exercise and enjoyment of the public uses to which the property has been devoted.

“Developer, subdivider, platter or owner” means any person, firm or corporation undertaking the subdividing or resubdividing of a lot, tract or parcel of land as, or on behalf of, the owner thereof.

“Easement” means a grant by the property owner to the public, corporation, or persons, of the use of a strip of land for a specific purpose and, on or over which, the owner will not erect any permanent improvements which serve to interfere with the free exercise of that right.

“Final approval” means that approval given by the City Council, which authorizes the subdivider to record his/her plat.

“Final plat” means the plan of a plat, subdivision, or dedication, or any portion thereof, prepared for filing for record by the County Auditor, and containing all elements and requirements set forth for final plats in these regulations.

“Hammerhead/T” means a roadway that provides a “T” shaped, three-point turnaround space for emergency equipment.

“Improvements” means any required improvements, including streets, curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm drainage, landscaping, utilities, pavement markings, signing, and other appropriate improvements.

“Lot” means a portion of a subdivision, or other parcel of land, intended as a unit for transfer of ownership or for development, being of sufficient area and dimensions to meet minimum zoning requirements for width and area. The term shall include tracts or parcels.

“Lot size averaging” means the area of individual lots within a development may vary from the zoned minimum lot area; provided, that the density in the development is compliant with the established zoning and Comprehensive Plan, and each individual lot in the application complies with all other restrictions set forth in PMC 21.20.070.

“Monument” means a permanent-type survey marker, which conforms to the City of Pasco standard detail for monuments, or an approved substitute.

“Pedestrian way” means a right-of-way dedicated to public use which cuts across a block to facilitate pedestrian access to adjacent streets and properties.

“Plat” or “subdivision” means an area of land which has been divided into two or more lots, tracts, parcels or other divisions of land, and shall include a map or maps related thereto for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership, or for building developments, including all designations in street lines, alley lines, public area boundaries, lot lines, easements, rights-of-way, pavement widths, curb lines, location and size of utilities, location and size of land areas to be dedicated; those divisions of land for agricultural purposes, where each parcel is five acres or more in area and which do not include any new streets, easements, rights-of-way or other provisions for necessary public areas and facilities; and further provided, that this definition shall not apply to the division by description of a portion of a platted lot.

“Preliminary plat” means an approximate drawing of the proposed layout of streets, blocks, lots and other elements of a subdivision or plat from which the City Hearing Examiner gives preliminary approval to the general layout features of the subdivision or plat.

“Primary arterial” means a street or road of great continuity which serves or is intended to serve as the principal traffic way between separated areas of the City or region and is designated in the Comprehensive Plan, or otherwise designated, as a limited access highway, major thoroughfare, boulevard, parkway or other equivalent term to identify those streets that comprise the basic structure of the regional traffic plan.

“Public right-of-way” means any publicly owned land set aside for surface transportation purposes, including vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian transportation, whether improved or not improved.

“Secondary arterial” means a street or road which forms part of the arterial street system, the function of which is to collect traffic from the local or residential streets for delivery to the primary arterials.

“Short plat” or “short subdivision” means the division or redivision of land into nine or fewer lots for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership.

Street, Dead-End. “Dead-end street” means a street similar to a cul-de-sac, but providing no turnaround at its closed end.

Street, Frontage. “Frontage street” means an access street which is generally parallel to and adjacent to arterials, streets, traffic ways, limited access highways or railroad rights-of-way; and which provides access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.

Street, Local Access. “Local access street” means a street of limited continuity, which serves or is intended to serve the local needs of the immediate community.

Street, Private. “Private street” means a street of limited continuity, which serves or is intended to serve the local needs of the immediate community and which has not been dedicated to the public.

Street, Public. “Public street” means a street, whether improved or unimproved, held in public ownership and intended to be open as a matter of right for public vehicular travel and to provide access now or in the future to adjacent properties.

“Tax parcel segregation” means the separation of lots of record into two or more tax parcels for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership, and which segregation does not result in the creation of more parcels than lots of record.

“Urban growth area” means that area designated by the County pursuant to RCW 36.70A.110, identifying the limits of the extension of urban facilities and services. [Ord. 4522 § 1, 2021; Ord. 4496 § 2, 2020; Ord. 3736 § 2, 2005; Ord. 3398 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 §§ 26.08.010–26.08.290.]