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(1) Purpose. These regulations are intended to implement comprehensive plan goals and policies encouraging infill development, more efficient use of the remaining developable land, protection of environmentally sensitive areas, and creating opportunities for more affordable housing.

(2) Applicability. All applications proposing residential lots without public street frontage may be approved only when each of the requirements identified below have been met. These conditions are supplemental to any other requirements found in this title. In the event of any conflict, the conditions in this section shall apply.

(a) All applications shall include a site map depicting proposed lot layout, including the location of existing structures on adjacent parcels, if any;

(b) Permitted only where, due to geometric, topographic, or other physical features in proportion to the size of the development, it would be impractical to extend or build a publicly dedicated street;

(c) Lots without public street frontage shall not be permitted within the RS-20 zoning district;

(d) There shall be no more than three adjoining lots created without public street frontage;

(e) Emergency Access. When the furthest point of a proposed structure is greater than 150 feet in distance from the public right-of-way, as measured along an accessible route, an approved fire vehicle turnaround with a minimum inside turning radius of 30 feet is required as defined by the International Fire Code;

(f) All corners shall have a minimum inside turning radius of 30 feet;

(g) Parking. No parking is permitted along the access (shared driveway) portion of the lot. The installation of no parking signage shall be required as a condition of approval;

(h) Utilities and Improvements. All impacted and new utilities and improvements shall be constructed to the standards identified in the Pasco Design and Construction Standards and Specifications;

(i) Drainage and storm water shall meet the requirements of PMC 16.10.050;

(j) Signage with addresses shall be posted on the public street side for all properties that are adjacent to any private shared driveway or access. Signage shall comply with the requirements of PMC Title 17. All addresses shall be displayed on the same pedestal unless otherwise authorized;

(k) Structural setbacks on lots without public street frontage shall conform to the requirements of the applicable zone;

(l) The shared access must be located no closer than five feet to any existing structure;

(m) Access, maintenance and utility easements necessary to accommodate and maintain proposed driveway/shared access improvements and utilities shall be approved through the subdivision process in this title and included on the face of the final plat;

(n) The shared driveway/access must be maintained by the homeowner’s association or by the adjoining property owners. A maintenance agreement must be recorded prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy and signage on the plat and must include provisions for snow removal, garbage pickup and any other necessary provisions as determined by the City; and

(o) The shared driveway/access shall have a minimum paved width of 20 feet. [Ord. 4536 § 1, 2021; Ord. 4444 § 2, 2019.]