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(1) Preparation. The final plat shall be prepared by a professional land surveyor licensed by the State of Washington. The preparer shall, by placing his or her signature and stamp upon the face of the plat, certify that the plat is a true and correct representation of the land actually surveyed by the preparer, that the existing monuments shown thereon exist as located and that all dimensional and geometric details are correct.

(2) Scale and Format. The final plat shall be drawn in permanent black ink on a mylar sheet measuring 24 inches by 36 inches in size, allowing two inches for a margin. The final plat shall be accurate, legible and drawn to an engineering (decimal) scale of 100 feet or fewer to the inch. If more than one sheet is required, an index sheet showing the entire subdivision with street and highway names and block numbers (if any) shall be provided. Each sheet, including the index sheet, shall be of the above-specified size. The final plat shall also be submitted for review in a digital format specified by the City Engineer. [Ord. 3398 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 26.28.020.]