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Subdivisions with lots backing on arterial streets shall include, as a part of the subdivision improvements, a common estate fence of uniform color, materials, height and thickness along the property line common with the arterial street. Estate fences shall be constructed of wood with individual vertical slat components of thickness of greater than five-eighths inch and less than seven-eighths inch; width of not less than five and one-half inches, nor more than six inches; and six feet tall, knotless, cedar, fastened with exterior grade deck screws, and prestained to a color approved by the City for estate fences. Also permitted may be decorative concrete masonry block, brick walls of six feet in height, the design of which shall be approved during the preliminary platting process. Chain-link fences, with or without decorative slats, or Surewood fences are prohibited. [Ord. 4054, 2012; Ord. 3398 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 26.32.090.]