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(1) Preparation of any draft and final EIS (DEIS and FEIS) shall be at the direction of the responsible official. Before the City issues an EIS, the responsible official shall be satisfied that it complies within this title and Chapter 197-11 WAC.

(2) The DEIS and FEIS, and draft and final SEIS, shall be prepared either by the responsible official or his/her designee, a consultant approved by the responsible official, or the applicant. If the environmental documents are prepared by a consultant or the applicant, the responsible official shall furnish the consultant or applicant with City rules and procedures governing such preparation, and shall direct the areas of research and examination to be undertaken, as well as the organization of the resulting document. In accordance with subsection (1) of this section, the responsible official shall be satisfied, prior to any distribution, that such document complies with all applicable rules and procedures.

(3) When an applicant or consultant is authorized, in writing, by the responsible official to prepare a draft or final EIS or SEIS, the applicant shall be required to post bond or provide other security, in a manner acceptable to the City Attorney, to assure payment of costs connected therewith. Upon acceptance by the responsible official, any unused portion of the bond or security shall be returned.

(4) If the City prepares a draft or final EIS or SEIS on behalf of an applicant, the City shall charge and collect a reasonable fee from the applicant to cover costs incurred by the City in the preparation of the EIS, and may charge and collect for any other expenses authorized by Chapter 197-11 WAC. Applicants shall be advised in writing of projected costs connected therewith prior to actual preparation, and shall post bond or otherwise insure payment in a manner acceptable to the City Attorney.

(5) The City may require an applicant to provide information the City does not possess, including specific investigations. However, the applicant is not required to supply information that is not required under this title or that is being requested from another agency. This does not apply to information the City may request under another ordinance or statute. [Ord. 2512 § 1, 1984; Code 1970 § 23.04.030.]