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The following accessory uses and buildings as respectively defined in PMC 25.15.030 and 25.15.040 shall be permitted in the business park district:

(1) Warehousing, provided said use does not occupy more than 35 percent of any structure;

(2) Auditoriums and conference facilities;

(3) Day care for family members of employees; and

(4) Above- and below-ground tank storage of critical material. Aboveground tanks shall not exceed 20 feet in height and shall be painted a neutral color to match or complement the principal building. Additionally, the first seven feet of all ground tanks shall be screened by a solid masonry wall;

(5) Storage buildings, excluding container storage, as defined in PMC 25.15.210, are permitted. [Ord. 3879 § 1, 2008; Ord. 3735 § 8, 2005; Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 25.50.030.]