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The following uses shall be permitted in the waterfront development district:

(1) Commercial, Office, Educational, and Government Uses.

(a) All uses permitted in the O office district;

(b) Artisan manufacturing; provided, that such uses are intended to be compatible with surrounding development and shall adhere to the following requirements:

(i) Structures shall not encompass more than 10,000 square feet of area, and the 10,000-square-foot total shall include all indoor storage areas associated with the manufacturing operation.

(ii) Outdoor storage is prohibited.

(iii) Loading Docks. Where the site abuts a residential use, the building wall facing such lot shall not have any service door openings or loading docks oriented toward the residential use.

(iv) Public Viewing. Artisan manufacturing uses must accommodate public viewing or a customer service space. Public viewing shall be accomplished with windows or glass doors covering at least 25 percent of the front of the building face abutting the street or indoor lobby wall, allowing direct views of manufacturing. The display area may be reduced below 25 percent where fire-rated separation requirements restrict opening size as determined by the building official. A customer service space including a showroom, tasting room, restaurant or retail space may be provided that substitutes for the exterior public viewing area.

(v) All uses shall not emit smoke, gas, odor, dust, sound, vibration, soot, heat, glare, or light that is detectable beyond the property line;

(c) Banks and financial institutions;

(d) Bars, taverns, and craft breweries, boutique wineries, and small-scale distilleries and/or tasting rooms (any production of product shall be small-scale in nature, with annual production limited to 300 barrels per year of beer or equivalent product);

(e) Churches and similar places of worship;

(f) Dancing schools;

(g) Gyms and fitness centers;

(h) Hotels and motels;

(i) Laundries/dry cleaners;

(j) Portable food vending/food trucks;

(k) Printing shops;

(l) Public or commercial parking garages;

(m) Public markets for fresh produce and craft work;

(n) Restaurants and eating establishments, including food halls with shared common areas;

(o) Stores and shops for the conduct of retail business and similar services in buildings not exceeding 80,000 gross square feet such as:

(i) Bakeries, retail for distribution from the premises;

(ii) Barber and beauty shops;

(iii) Bookstores, except adult bookstores;

(iv) Catering establishments;

(v) Artist and office supplies;

(vi) Florists;

(vii) Specialty retail stores;

(viii) Museums and art galleries;

(ix) Clothing, shoes and accessories, and costume rentals (new/unused materials only);

(x) Crafts, stationery, and gift shops;

(xi) Department and drug stores;

(xii) Grocery or specialty food stores;

(xiii) Furniture and home appliance stores;

(xiv) Import shops;

(xv) Jewelry and gem shops, including custom work;

(xvi) Shoe repair shops;

(xvii) Sporting goods stores;

(xviii) Tailor and seamstress shops;

(xix) Upholstery shops;

(p) Locksmith shops;

(q) Membership clubs;

(r) Theaters (movie or live theater);

(s) Veterinary clinics serving household pets (no boarding or outdoor treatment facilities); and

(t) Universities, colleges, and business, professional, technical, and trade schools.

(2) Residential Uses.

(a) Single-family detached dwellings may be located west of the alignment of South Maitland Avenue at densities prescribed under PMC 25.127.070;

(b) Attached single-family dwellings (duplexes and townhouses) may be located east of the extension of South Maitland Avenue, but no further than 500 feet east of the alignment of South Oregon Avenue, at densities prescribed under PMC 25.127.070;

(c) Multifamily dwellings may be located no further than 500 feet east of the alignment of South Oregon Avenue; and

(d) Short-term vacation rental uses and bed and breakfasts may be established where residential uses are allowed.

(3) Recreational and Entertainment Uses.

(a) Indoor and outdoor event and entertainment uses and facilities (commercial or public), not to exceed 15 acres;

(b) Marinas and marine repair facilities;

(c) Mixed-use buildings containing any combination of residential, commercial, office, educational, and government facilities in a single building; and

(d) Public and private parks and trails. [Ord. 4514 § 2, 2021.]