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The following uses are permitted subject to the approval of special permit as provided in Chapter 25.200 PMC:

(1) Retail, wholesale, and department stores and shops exceeding a gross floor area of 80,000 square feet;

(2) Landscape gardening and storage area for equipment and materials; provided, that plants and materials are located behind a building and are not visible from the public right-of-way or residential uses;

(3) Nursing homes and assisted living facilities;

(4) Marine gas sales;

(5) Gasoline and service stations;

(6) Drive-thru uses;

(7) Indoor and outdoor event and entertainment uses and facilities (commercial or public) exceeding 15 acres; and

(8) Exceptions to maximum building heights listed in PMC 25.127.070(9). [Ord. 4514 § 2, 2021.]