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The following uses are prohibited in the WD district:

(1) All uses permitted conditionally in the I-2 medium industrial district;

(2) Automobile assembly, services, or repair;

(3) Vehicle rental;

(4) Tire stores;

(5) Car washes;

(6) Automobile detail shops;

(7) Automobile sales;

(8) Auto body shops;

(9) Mini-storage facilities;

(10) Pawn shops;

(11) Card rooms and bingo parlors;

(12) Secondhand dealers – similar or like uses although not specifically listed are also prohibited;

(13) Adult bookstores or entertainment facilities;

(14) Truck stops – diesel fuel sales;

(15) Truck terminals;

(16) Heavy machinery sales and service;

(17) Contractor’s plant or storage yards;

(18) Mobile home and trailer sales and service;

(19) Veterinarian clinics for livestock, including outdoor treatment facilities;

(20) Pharmaceutical laboratories;

(21) Industrial medical facilities;

(22) Any outdoor manufacturing, testing, processing, or similar activity;

(23) On-site hazardous substance processing and handling or hazardous waste treatment and storage facilities;

(24) Kennels and animal boarding facilities;

(25) The manufacturing, compounding, processing, packaging of cosmetics, pharmacology, and the reducing and refining of fats and oils;

(26) Junkyards, automobile wrecking yards, scrap iron, scrap paper, or rag storage, sorting, or baling;

(27) Cemeteries;

(28) Recreational vehicle parks; and

(29) Outdoor storage of RVs, boats and trailers. [Ord. 4514 § 2, 2021.]