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The purpose of the I-182 overlay district is to provide additional development regulations to create aesthetically attractive buildings and commercial development within the I-182 corridor of the City. It is intended that the additional provisions of this chapter will provide design control for building height, building and site illumination, off-street parking and loading, building setbacks, and building materials, all to facilitate an aesthetically pleasing environment. The purpose and intent of this chapter are met by adhering to the following design control categories:

(1) Building Location. Building location and the relationship of one building to another to provide for pedestrian areas such as courtyards, plazas, parks, walkways, etc.

(2) Functionality. The layout of the buildings, parking areas, pedestrian areas, landscape and open areas are conducive to the topography and existing features of the site. Parking areas function well with the overall site and do not inhibit pedestrian movement. Traffic flow and circulation is predictable within designated driving areas.

(3) Lighting. Lighting standards and fixtures are of a size compatible with the general character of the buildings and general area. All lighting provides adequate light for safety and should be limited to specific sites and not produce glare to surrounding areas.

(4) Natural Setting. The relationship of the natural setting or the site to the corridor and the slope to the river is used to enhance the overall layout of the plan.

(5) Architectural Amenities. Create aesthetically attractive buildings within commercial areas that enhance the overall development of the commercial uses. [Ord. 3515 § 1, 2001; Code 1970 § 25.58.010.]