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No sign shall be erected, re-erected, constructed, painted, posted, applied or structurally altered except as provided in this section and pursuant to the approval of the Director of Community and Economic Development. All signs shall comply with the International Building Code and PMC Title 17. All signs in the I-182 overlay district shall also conform to the following:

(1) Prohibited Signs.

(a) Portable readerboards, flashing, movable or moving signs;

(b) Signs, which by coloring, shape, wording or location resemble or conflict with traffic control signs or devices;

(c) Signs that create a safety hazard.

(2) Permitted Signs.

(a) Permanent subdivision signs or area name signs of a permanent character at street entrances or entrances to a specific area or development. These signs shall not exceed six feet in height;

(b) Temporary banners, flags, pennants not to exceed a period of 60 days;

(c) Contractor, architect or engineer signs that identify the project are permitted during the period of construction;

(d) Standard official, directional, informational, warning, or safety signs and street signs.

(3) Nonconforming Signs.

(a) Signs that were permanently installed and legally erected prior to the adoption of this ordinance shall be allowed to remain in use so long as they are continuously maintained. [Ord. 3515 § 1, 2001; Code 1970 § 25.58.100.]