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“Tattoo parlor” means an enclosed building used for the business of tattooing a customer’s body.

“Tavern” means an establishment licensed by Washington State to dispense beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage for consumption on the premises, the provision of which is not in any way dependent upon food sales to retain said license. Such places may also provide packaged alcoholic products for off-site consumption.

“Temporary business” means an itinerant vendor as defined under PMC 5.75.020 and any business licensed as a temporary special sales event out of doors and not included within the business activity licensed for the permanent business located on the lot.

“Theater, motion picture” means a building or part of a building devoted to the showing of moving pictures on a paid admission basis. This does not include adult entertainment facilities.

“Thrift shop” means a retail establishment having any portion of its stock-in-trade in secondhand personal property as the term is defined in PMC 25.15.210, which has been donated by the public, and at least 80 percent of its total floor space devoted to retail sales. [Ord. 4066 § 3, 2012; Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 §§ 25.12.445 – 25.12.456.]