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(1) The applicant shall make application at least 30 calendar days prior to the open record hearing at which action is desired;

(2) The application shall include a fee as established in PMC Title 3, be accompanied by an environmental checklist with associated fee, and a report from a title insurance company showing ownership of the property involved;

(3) The application shall further be accompanied by 20 copies of a site plan which shall be drawn at a scale of not less than 100 feet to the inch, and shall be clear and precise. If necessary, the site plan can consist of more than one drawing. The site plan shall contain, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

(a) Name of the owner and operator, with address and phone numbers; and the name of the proposed recreational vehicle park.

(b) Legal description of the subject tract of land.

(c) Name, address and phone number of the person or firm preparing the site plan.

(d) Scale of the drawing and north arrow.

(e) The area and dimensions of the tract of land.

(f) The number, size and location of all recreational vehicle spaces.

(g) The number, location and size of all off-street parking spaces.

(h) The location and width of all streets and walkways.

(i) The location of service buildings, management offices, sanitary stations, recreation areas, and any other proposed facilities or structures.

(j) Location of all utility easements.

(k) Specifications of the water supply, sewage disposal, electrical supply, and refuse collection systems.

(l) Drainage plan (may be submitted on a separate drawing).

(m) Landscaping plan (may be submitted on a separate drawing).

(n) Topography at an appropriate contour interval unless specifically waived by the City Engineer.

(o) Signage.

(p) Fencing and screening.

(4) Special Permit Review. Once a complete application has been received by the City, the Planning Office will schedule a hearing before the Hearing Examiner. The application will then continue through the standard special permit process until a special permit is approved or denied. [Ord. 4433 § 6, 2019; Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 25.69.100.]