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Each SRO facility shall comply with all development standards for the applicable zoning district and the standards contained below.

(1) SRO facilities shall not be subject to density standards;

(2) SRO facilities shall follow the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) occupancy guidelines for single- and double-occupancy units;

(3) Single- and double-occupancy units shall house no more than two adults over the age of 18;

(4) At least one off-street parking space per two units is required;

(5) SRO facilities shall include 24-hour on-site management. A dwelling unit shall be designated for the manager;

(6) Bathroom and kitchen/kitchenette facilities must be provided either within each dwelling unit or in a central location for common use with one full bathroom per every three units on a floor and one full kitchen per floor;

(7) At least one handicapped accessible unit shall be required for every 20 units;

(8) One washer and dryer must be provided for every 20 units;

(9) Mailboxes shall be provided for each unit;

(10) Each SRO facility with 100 units or more shall have a minimum of 400 square feet of common indoor and/or outdoor recreational space;

(a) For SRO facilities exceeding 150 units, an additional 10 square feet of recreational space per unit is required;

(b) Landscaped areas less than eight feet in width shall not be considered recreational space;

(11) All common areas shall comply with all applicable ADA accessibility and adaptability requirements. [Ord. 4425 § 1, 2019.]