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(1) An adult entertainment facility shall not be permitted to locate in any zoning district other than the general business district (C-3), the light industrial district (I-1), the medium industrial district (I-2), and the heavy industrial district (I-3);

(2) No adult entertainment facility shall operate, and the same is prohibited from operation, within 1,320 feet of the nearest property line of the following:

(a) Any residential zoning area;

(b) Any public or private primary or secondary school;

(c) Any church, synagogue, temple, mosque or other place of worship;

(d) Any library, public playground or park;

(e) Any public or private preschool or nursery school;

(f) Any commercial day care facility.

(3) No adult entertainment facility shall operate within 750 feet of the nearest property line of any other adult entertainment facility. [Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 25.70.050.]