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Wireless communication facilities are permitted under the following conditions:

(1) Such structures shall be permitted in all industrial or C-3 zoning districts, provided the location is 500 feet or more from a residential district. Any location closer than 500 feet requires special permit approval.

(2) Such structures may be permitted by special permit in all other zoning districts, provided said structures are:

(a) Attached to or located on an existing or proposed building or structure that is higher than 35 feet; or

(b) Located on or with a publicly owned facility such as a water reservoir, fire station, police station, school, county or port facility.

(3) All wireless communication facilities shall comply with the following standards:

(a) Wireless facilities shall be screened or camouflaged by employing the best available technology. This may be accomplished by use of compatible materials, strategic location, color, stealth technologies, and/or other measures to achieve minimum visibility of the facility when viewed from public rights-of-way and adjoining properties, such that a casual observer cannot identify the wireless communication facility.

(b) Wireless facilities shall be located in the City in the following order of preference:

(i) Attached to or located on buildings or structures higher than 35 feet;

(ii) Located on or with a publicly owned facility;

(iii) Located on a site other than those listed in subsections (3)(a) or (3)(b) of this section.

(c) If an applicant chooses to construct a new freestanding wireless communication facility, the burden of proof shall be on the applicant to show that a wireless communication facility located on a higher order of preference site cannot reasonably be accommodated. The City reserves the right to retain a qualified consultant, at the applicant’s expense, to review the supporting documentation for accuracy.

(4) All applications for building permits must be accompanied by verification of approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and any other state or federal requirements for tower design and location. Additionally, all tower construction plans must be designed and stamped by a licensed professional engineer.

(5) All wireless communication facilities shall be removed by the facility owner within six months of the date the facility ceases to be operational or if the facility falls into disrepair. [Ord. 3734 § 2, 2005; Code 1970 § 25.70.075.]