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(1) Mineral Extraction. Mineral extraction, quarrying, rock crushing or related activities such as a premix plant may be permitted in any zone, on approval of a special permit and as provided in this title; the excavation and sale of sand and gravel, clay, shale, or other natural mineral deposits (except topsoil) for the quarrying of any kind of rock formation shall be subject to the following conditions:

(a) In case of an open excavation or quarry, there shall be a substantial fence with suitable gates completely enclosing the portion of the property in which the excavation is located and such fence shall be located at all points 40 feet or more from the edge of the excavation or quarry.

(b) Whenever production in any area used as a gravel pit, sand pit, clay pit, or quarry shall have been completed, then all plants, buildings, structures and equipment shall be entirely removed from such property and stockpiles shall be removed or back-filled into the pit within one year after such completion. When production shall have been completed, then the owner shall take such measures to rehabilitate the area as deemed reasonable by the City Engineer and/or as required in the special permit. A reclamation bond or surety may be required.

(c) Concrete and asphalt batch plants may be located in the I-2 (medium industrial) zone by special permit and are permitted uses in the I-3 (heavy industrial) zone.

(2) Agricultural Uses.

(a) All existing agricultural uses (limited to existing acreage) occurring within any zoning district of the City of Pasco, where not expressly permitted by this code, shall be deemed a lawfully established nonconforming agricultural use.

(b) The production of alfalfa or pasture grasses on acreage of any size shall be considered permitted uses within all zoning districts.

(3) Stripping of Topsoil. No person, firm or corporation shall strip, excavate or otherwise remove topsoil for sale or for use other than on the premises from which the same shall be taken, except in connection with the construction or alteration of a business on such premises, in which an excavation could be incidental thereto. [Ord. 4110 § 26, 2013; Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 25.70.110.]