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All landscape and screening required under this chapter shall be so maintained as to not detract from the purpose of this chapter and shall be kept reasonably free of weeds and trash. The owner, occupants and persons responsible for or having control of the premises shall be responsible for such maintenance and said maintenance shall at a minimum conform with the following:

(1) The owners, their agents and assigns, are responsible for providing, protecting, and permanently maintaining all landscaping material, areas and plants required by this chapter in a healthy, growing condition, replacing it when necessary, and keeping it free of refuse and debris;

(2) Dead or diseased plants must be replaced within 30 days of notification, or as soon as practical in regard to freezing weather, or complex situations involving removal and replacement of large trees;

(3) Plant material must not interfere with public utilities, restrict pedestrian or vehicular access, or constitute a traffic hazard.

(4) All fencing, walls and other features used for screening purposes shall be kept free of litter, debris and weeds. [Ord. 3763 §10, 2006; Code 1970 § 25.75.110.]