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The owner of any site within this designation, on which a short subdivision or subdivision is submitted, shall record a notice on the face of the plat. Such notification shall be in the form as set forth below.

Notice. This property lies within an area of land designated Mineral Resource Lands by the City of Pasco, or within 600 feet of such land. A variety of commercial mining activities occur in the area that may be inconvenient or cause discomfort to area residents. This may arise from the use of heavy equipment, chemicals, and spraying which may generate dust, smoke, and noise associated with the extraction of mineral resources. Such activities shall not constitute a public nuisance when conducted in accordance with state, federal, and local laws. The City of Pasco has established mining as a priority use on existing productive mineral resource lands, and residents of adjacent property should be prepared to accept such inconvenience or discomfort from normal, necessary mining operations.

[Ord. 4526 § 4, 2021.]