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For the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the City, the City is divided into the following types of zones:

R-T District

Residential Transition District

R-S-20 District

Residential Suburban District

R-S-12 District

Residential Suburban District

R-S-1 District

Low-Density Suburban Residential District

R-1 District

Low-Density Residential District

R-1-A District

Low-Density Residential Alternative District

R-1-A2 District

Low-Density Residential Alternative District

R-2 District

Medium-Density Residential District

R-3 District

Medium-Density Residential District

R-4 District

High-Density Residential District

RP District

Residential Park District

O District

Office District

C-1 District

Retail Business District

C-2 District

Central Business District

C-2 Overlay District

Central Business Overlay District

C-3 District

General Business District

C-R District

Regional Commercial District

BP District

Business Park District

I-182 Overlay District

I-182 Corridor Overlay District

I-1 District

Light Industrial District

I-2 District

Medium Industrial District

I-3 District

Heavy Industrial District

WD District

Waterfront Development District

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