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The following uses shall be considered unclassified:

(1) High schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools, business colleges and other similar academic or skills training facilities or institutions not heretofore permitted within any district;

(2) Cemeteries, crematories, mausoleums, and other places of burial or interment of remains;

(3) Churches;

(4) Community service facilities, levels one and two, as defined in PMC 25.15.050;

(5) Airports, heliports, or any other landing or maneuvering space for aircraft, together with terminals and other customary facilities accessory to the unclassified use;

(6) Golf courses, pitch-and-putt courses, miniature golf courses, water parks, sports complexes, riding stables, and similar facilities for public, private or membership use;

(7) Monasteries, convents or other functionally similar facilities;

(8) Landfills, garbage dumps, and resource recovery facilities;

(9) Off-site parking lots, except those required for a residential use, provided such parking area is not more than 500 feet from the building;

(10) Electrical substations and load transfer stations, natural gas booster stations, and other similar utility facilities;

(11) Park-and-ride lots, off-street transfer stations or other similar facilities involving the storage, start-up, idling and movement of public or privately operated carriers, charter or transit buses, vans, and similar vehicles; and

(12) Agricultural use (commercial), except in areas 1,000 feet from a residential zoning district, subdivision or dwelling unit. [Ord. 4110 § 30, 2013; Ord. 3514 § 7, 2001; Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 25.86.020.]