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In addition to making and entering conclusions from the record for special permits based on the criteria in PMC 25.200.080 the Hearing Examiner shall consider the following for special permits dealing with increased heights and/or floor area for detached shops and garages:

(1) Will the shop/garage match the principal structure in design and exterior treatments such as roofing materials, siding, color, window and door openings, eave overhangs, fenestrations and other architectural features;

(2) Will the existing topography and elevation of the site and surrounding property exacerbate or attenuate the height of the proposed shop/garage;

(3) Will the proposal include landscaping features or berms to ameliorate the height and/or floor area of the shop/garage;

(4) Will the shop/garage be erected on the property utilizing minimum setbacks;

(5) Is the site larger than the minimum lot size requirement for the zoning district. [Ord. 4433 § 10, 2019; Ord. 4144 § 8, 2014; Ord. 4110 § 30, 2013; Code 1970 § 25.86.065.]