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Maximum gross density of any proposed development within any zoning district, expressed as dwelling units per acre, shall be no less than the corresponding minimum density expressed in this section and no greater than the corresponding maximum density expressed in this section, except as provided in Chapter 25.161 PMC.


Purpose and Description


Open Space/Parks

Land where development will be severely restricted: park lands, trails and critical areas

All zoning districts (Development of parks and recreation facilities requires special permit review)

Low Density Residential

Variety of residential housing at a density of 3 to 6 dwelling units per acre

R-S-20; R-S-12; R-S-1; R-1; R-1-A; R-1-A2

Medium Density Residential

Variety of residential housing at a density of 6 to 20 dwelling units per acre.

R-2 through R-4; RP

High Density Residential

Variety of residential housing at a density 21 units per acre or more


Mixed Residential/Commercial

Accommodates a diverse range of housing, nonresidential uses, commercial uses, neighborhood retail and office uses, parks and recreation areas, and civic uses at a density of 5 to 29 dwelling units per acre

R-1 through R-4; C-1 and O; Waterfront


Neighborhood, community and regional shopping and specialty centers, business parks, service and office uses

O; BP; C-1; C-2; C-3; CR


Manufacturing, food processing, storage and wholesale distribution of equipment and products, hazardous material storage, and transportation related facilities

I-1; I-2; I-3

Public and Quasi-Public

Schools, civic centers, fire stations and other public uses

By special permit in all districts (except I-3 which has various restrictions)

Airport Reserve

Land occupied by the Tri-Cities Airport


DNR Reserve

Transition lands owned and presently managed by DNR for natural resource production. Characteristics include, but are not limited to, proximity to urban-type development, road and utility infrastructure, and market demand.


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