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The following uses shall be permitted as accessory to a permitted used in the R-3 district:

(1) Detached single-family residential garages, as defined in PMC 25.15.090, provided they do not exceed 15 feet in height and 1,000 square feet in area. On lots over 12,000 square feet in area detached residential garages in excess of 15 feet in height and/or increase in floor area of up to 200 square feet may be permitted by special permit based upon the review criteria listed in PMC 25.200.080 and 25.200.090;

(2) Home occupations as defined by PMC 25.15.100;

(3) Storage buildings cumulatively not exceeding 200 square feet of gross floor area and 15 feet in height; provided no container storage, as defined in PMC 25.15.210, shall be permitted;

(4) The keeping of dogs and cats, provided such number of animals does not exceed three dogs and three cats;

(5) Family day care homes in conformance with Chapter 388-73 WAC as now existing and as amended and Chapter 25.150 PMC;

(6) The renting of rooms for lodging purposes only, provided such accommodations shall not exceed two persons in a single-family dwelling. One off-street parking space per roomer must be provided in addition to the requirement set forth under PMC 25.185.170(5);

(7) Family home preschool in conformance with Chapter 25.150 PMC;

(8) Accessory dwellings in single-family homes; and

(9) On lots with a minimum of 5,000 square feet and containing only one single-family dwelling unit, the keeping of up to three rabbits or three chicken hens for personal use, provided the total number of animals (including dogs, cats, rabbits, and chicken hens) does not exceed six; in all cases, animals shall not be allowed to roam or fly to other properties; roosters are not allowed. [Ord. 4144 § 6, 2014; Ord. 4110 § 15, 2013; Ord. 4036 § 16, 2011; Ord. 3354 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 25.36.030.]