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If a wetland detailed study is required, it shall meet the following requirements in addition to the basic requirements identified in PMC 28.12.140:

(1) The wetland detailed study shall be completed by a qualified wetlands biologist.

(2) The extent and boundaries of any wetlands shall be determined in accordance with the methodology specified under PMC 28.16.020. The boundary shall be surveyed and mapped at a scale no smaller than one inch equals 200 feet.

(3) A wetland community description and wetland classification shall be completed, consistent with the requirements of PMC 28.16.020.

(4) A written values and functions assessment shall be completed and address site hydrology (source of water in the system, water quality, flood and stream flow attenuation, seasonality of presence of water, if applicable), soils, vegetation, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and aesthetics.

(5) The site plan for the proposed activity shall be mapped at the same scale as the wetland map, showing the extent of the proposed activity in relationship to the surveyed wetland, including a detailed narrative describing the project, its relationship to the wetland, and its potential impact on the wetland.

(6) The proposed mitigation plan shall follow the general mitigation plan requirements described in PMC 28.12.170, and address how the activity has been mitigated to avoid and minimize adverse impacts to wetlands. The Wetland Mitigation in Washington State – Part 2: Developing Mitigation Plans, Department of Ecology Publication No. 06-06-011b, March 2006 (or any succeeding documents) should be used as a basis for mitigation. [Ord. 4525 § 1, 2021; Ord. 3911 § 2, 2009; Code 1970 § 28.16.050.]